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Did you do the Anne Frank house as part of your European Explorer? Was that an extra thing outside of the contiki activites you chose to do?


I did visit the Anne Frank museum however it was not part of the tour. We got dropped off near the museum in the morning and waited in line and bought our tickets on the day. I don’t remember how much it was but it is a must do on your trip! xx


Livin Life Euro #fbf #Europe2013


Hi I think your blog is absolutely great and I'm thinking of doing the same contiki tour with a friend. I was just wondering did you feel that the tour was too long? and did you ever get sick of being on the tour? We are not sure if we should choose a shorter one and do some places ourselves. Also what was your favourite place in Europe? :)

Hiya Anon! thanks so much for stopping by!

I felt that the tour was not long enough!! we went to so many countries and places but the time in each city was not nearly enough time needed to actually see everything you want to and embrace the european culture. So i would advise you to maybe do a tour first to see what places you like and make of list of those you want to visit again if you are short on time/money but if you have plenty of those two things defs do the tour and then add on extra days in places after the tour! I was low on time and had no one to go around with after the european explorer so i couldn’t spend more time in countries i loved but now I’m saving my money for other trips and plan on going back to many of those cities.

My fave places were Paris (although my time there was super rushed and  hectic), Spain, Greece (especially santorini, rhodes and mykonos), Croatia, Italy (want to go back to the countryside) and of course the UK!

i didn’t get sick of the tour but i did get SICK! i got the dreaded contiki cough so i’d advise you to stock up on vitamins and when you feel like you are getting sick on tour go to the pharmacy immediately. even if it is just a little sniffle or tickle in your throat because it will turn into a giant pain in the butt!

Hope this helps you out! and hope you and your friend have an amazing time! xx


🔶🔸Kusadasi Grand Bazaar🔸🔶 {2nd July 2013} #followmecontiki

Hi I love your blog! I've been reading all of your posts since I found out I was doing a Contiki, I leave on the 10th of July for the European Panorama! I was just wondering if maybe you could answer some questions for me/ give me some advice! I'm Canadian so I'll be needing to bring some sort of adapter/ converter for the outlets, but I know the Contiki buses have outlets but which ones are they? (would i need the adapter for the bus?) Also, do you have any tips for not getting pick-pocketed?

Hello! thanks for stopping by and reading all my posts! glad to know they’re helping some of you guys out with your upcoming trips!

Okay the contiki buses do have power outlets (i think there are 8 plugs in total) and they are either the EUROPEAN plugs style or the BRITISH plug style. you can just google to see what they look like. So yes you will need to buy an adapter for your trip. I bought a KORJO adapter for my electronics and they worked great with the european plugs as it had two plugs in one so i could charge two things on it! i also got one universal adapter that has all different country style plugs in one but that one was a little annoying because it was heavy and would sometimes fall out of the wall socket. 

BUT! you also need to know the voltages of your products, chargers and adapters because it is usually 220-240 watts in Europe and i know in other countries it is only 110 watts. So just be careful with that! if in doubt google! it is the best friend you will have when researching for your trip!

in terms of pick pocketing, i was super careful and kept my money in my bra! haha i would only bring enough cash with me for the day so usually 200 euros max and then i separated it between my bag, wallet and pocket or bra. i also had a long strap bag and kept it in front of me at all times with my hand on it or holding the zipper part close to me. someone on my tour got their phone stolen on the metro so just be very wary of your surroundings and keep an eye out for one another and you will be fine!

hope this helps! and feel free to ask me more questions before your awesome trip! xx


Hey! this is a great blog! I'm doing the European Explorer in a few weeks, just wondering how many tops / shorts etc you packed, and if there was anything you bought but didn't wear or wish you had bought from home? And also how many pairs of swimmers you bought from home? I'm struggling to cut everything down because I'll be there for two months, the 20kg limit really is not enough for a month long tour! Thanks :)

Hey, thanks for visiting! Hopefully you’re a girl so this post/answer applies to you haha…

hmm i don’t remember the exact numbers but i think i brought 5 basic tops and 3 or 4 nice/dressy type tops, 2 denim shorts, 1 jeans, 3 leggings, 2 skirts (one short and one maxi), 4/5 dresses for going out and nice dressy days, 2 flip-flops, 1 pair of converse, 1 pair of flats, 1 pair of sandals and a heck of a lot of underwear!

i would suggest you think about which clothes can be interchanged the most to make different outfits because you will 100% want to buy something there and it will take up space and weight in your bag. i brought mostly neutral/no print clothing and it worked well because i only wore the same outfits a maximum of once or twice while in europe. but honestly no one cares! most days i was too lazy and just wore leggings and a tshirt on travel days and a beach dress with my bikini and flip flops on really hot days near the water.

i brought 2 or 3 swimmers but bought like 5 when i was over there haha they’re so cheap in H&M and forever 21 so i went crazy!

my number one tip for clothes is to NOT BRING HEELS! and also pack more underwear than you think you need. i brought enough for half my trip so i went for about 35 days so i packed 13 pairs plus 2 in my hand carry on the plane (just incase the plane gets delayed or for other emergencies). i always washed my clothes on days that i knew we were staying in the hotel for more than 1 night so it could dry.

i wish i brought a better long strap handbag that was light weight because the one i brought was so big and bulky and heavy i bought a smaller clutch type one with a long shoulder strap on the second day of the tour!

i don’t think i regretted taking anything else because i used everything, but i wish i didn’t bring as many toiletries with me but since I’m a “what if” packer what i brought was non negotiable haha!

please let me know if i missed anything! xx

Chinese New Year Batangas day trip!

I know this is another super late post but anyway…

On the Chinese New Year public holiday, we decided to take a trip to go to the beach at Batangas. We were suppose to leave super early to try and avoid traffic but as you’ll come to know when if ever you visit the Philippines there is no such thing as a straight road journey or traffic free road.

We ended up leaving late morning and boy were we hit with traffic! It seemed like everyone had the same idea as us to go away for the public holiday and the roads were so packed. Most of the traffic congestion was centred on the Tagaytay area and after we past the Taal Volcano it kind of got better as there were less cars on the road. I think it took us about 3.5 or 4 hours to get to the seaside in Batangas.

I think that’s the only downside to living inland, as you hardly get to go to the beach and it takes what seems like forever to get there. I’m only saying that because it usually takes 30 minutes tops for me to get to the closest beach to where I live in Australia and I take it for granted sometimes so from then on I was so happy to live in a country and area that allows me to see the ocean and lay around on the beach pretty easily.

When we got to the dock area of Anilao in Batangas we hired a “banca” which is a traditional wooden boat that was to take us to different snorkeling spots to see the coral and fish. I love taking banca rides because its just an authentic way to see and travel the waters.

We stopped off at a couple different spots and the water was pretty cool but what we saw underneath was so nice and pretty. Although some of the coral has dies due to excessive traffic and maybe pollution, the sea ecosystem still thrives and overcomes the challenges it faces. There were lots of fish and other sea creatures swimming around us and it was great! We also had some sea scooters to use, which helped us get through the water quicker and deeper without getting us too tired.

The only downsides to snorkeling in these areas are the jellyfish, which leave a lasting impression both literally and figuratively! I think I went home with about 5 noticeable stings and marks on my body but hey it’s all for the experience right!?

After swimming around for a while we got back onto the banca and made our way to a beach cove to have some late lunch and early dinner. It was starting to get dark and we got to watch the sunset from the beach while eating amazing food. It actually got quite cold towards the end of the day and I didn’t think to pack a jacket or any warm clothes because I was so used to having it be blazing hot in the Philippines so I just rugged up in my towel.

We got back on the banca and sailed back to the dock area in the dark, which was scary because all we had was this little spotlight to guide us to the shore. Also we were surprised to see some scuba divers still in the water! We were freaked out by the random lights shining out from underneath but then the banca driver told us they were night divers.

The drive home was less hectic and didn’t take as long but that’s probably because I slept for most of the way home!


















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So you've been to 24 countries? 25 inc Australia?? When do you visit Fiji?

I guess so! I go at the end of this year :) x


when u went to europe and the uk in 2013, was it the same trip or you went back to that area twice in a year?

Same trip with contiki! you start on London then go to europe on the tour then you have the option to go back to the UK, which I did and I stayed in London for 4 extra days :) xx


why do u go to the philippine every year and where there do you stay?

I have family there and I’ve been going there since I was a baby so it’s tradition :) and I usually stay with family in Manila but when we go to other islands we stay in hotels. Xx


what is your next out of the country trip?

Next trip is hopefully Thailand! Then fiji :) x


do you follow any of these blogs? =) capturedphotos, theworldbyfaith, 1993diaries, avriegerman?

no i don’t, but i’ll check them out :) i usually just stumble across blogs by accident or if I’m on a search spree on my dash :)

Makes you think about the foot prints you leave behind when you travel. x

Travellers! Who has been to Thailand?

Hi everyone! Just wanted to see if anyone has been to Thailand recently because i’m currently lusting over the idea of going for an amazing sun filled holiday at the end of this year! I would love some tips and information about the best places to stay, play and eat! Any recommendations are welcome, so please send me a message or reply to this thread!

Love E

<3 xx

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    Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

— Unknown (via starfetti)